Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinner at New She Lai Ton Restaurant ( 新喜来登)

Recently had a reunion dinner at the New She Lai Ton Restaurant with bunch of ex-colleagues. It has become an annual event celebrating the "end of work" a.k.a. "Sou Gong" as the Chinese New year is approaching.

1). The entrance of New She Lai Ton Restaurant, beautifully decorated with Chinese New Year atmosphere.

2). The interior of New She Lai Ton Restaurant, supposedly can fit-in 100 tables of guests.

 3). A bottle of Le Coq Rouge 2005 really make our night!

    4). Our dinner start with a "Lou Sang", a traditional Chinese New Year dish..

    5). ..which we mixed it in standing position with chopsticks and ended up this way before we consume it.

    6). A 4-dished platter for starter. Surprisingly the bottom left crunchy rolls are filled with Otak-otak.

7). A big bowl of Shark-fin soup with crab meat is shared among ourselves.

    8). A dish not to be missed is a whole portion of suckling piglet. My favourite dish of the night!

    9). Steamed pomfret fishes, a must-have for traditional Chinese New Year dishes.

    10). Sweet & sour prawns cooked with bread flakes.

    11). Australian abalone cooked with fish maw and mushrooms. It tasted good, bout we expected a larger portion of abalone for everyone of us :(

    12).Glutinous rice with Chinese sausages and seasoned duck meat. One of my favourite dish!

    13). Last but not least, a dinner is incomplete without its dessert.

This gathering is very meaningful to me, in which we are busy with our daily routines and seldom have time to see face to face, not to mention gathering nor meet-ups. While the food is nothing extra-ordinary and lasted a night, but the memories last in our minds! I really enjoyed the night, friendship forever!

New She Lai Ton Restaurant (新喜来登)
No. 274, Jln Sultan Iskandar Shah,
30000 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 05-255 0737

(Situated beside the Moonlight Crown roundabout)


    TEL NO. SHOULD BE 05-2491166, 2491168

    1. Thanks a lot, it's been awhile since my last visit ^_^

  2. I will be going for a function this coming Sunday.but i dunno the road well coz i am from out station.can you please give me the direction? thanks a lot!