Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ole - Ole Bali at Subang Empire

Ole-Ole Bali Restaurant has a very special meaning to me, which inspired me to sparkled the idea of going for a pre-honeymoon vacation at Bali, way back in the year of 2008. It was a memorable journey indeed. Although it has been quite a while since my first dining experience with Ole-Ole Bali, at one of their branches at Sunway Pyramid, I have longing for a return here rejoicing the good old memories .

1). Located at the Lower Ground Floor of Subang Empire, you can't possible missed it with their signatured emblem placed at the entrance of the restaurant.

2). A very spacious setting with Balinese oriental design, no doubt that it can fit it 100 odds of Balinese food cravers with the choices of seating in non-smoking indoor or the open-air outdoor.

3). To my surprise, all the tables are either occupied with dining customer or fully reserved, on a WEEKDAY! My gosh.. With a little luck or early booking, you might get a chance to experience their VIP table situated at the entrance.

4). While busy browsing the food menu, why not take your time to enjoy a glass of Green Apple Splash (RM13), which is one of the Monin's mocktails where slices of green apple are topped with soda, garnishes with mint leaves. What a refreshing way to ease our daily bruises and bumps. Stir it, not shaken to enjoy a balance mocktail, not too sweet, not too sour, just perfect! Kinda tasted like ESPriT Lemon Lime, but even better..

5). Ole-Ole Bali offers a vast variety of wine on their Boozer Menu to compliment the Balinese cuisine, I decided to take a shoot of their Sour Virgin Margarita (RM13), another one of the Monin's cocktail with a mixture of lemon, lime juice, Monin Triple Sec served with mint leaves. Nothing beats a ice-cold salted margarita, especially with our tropical climate. But Fridays' still make the best margarita in town..

6). While waiting patiently for our treat to come, a very busy sight to behold over the open-concept kitchen, where you can witness how the food was made, the chefs are yelling and shouting up, flipping their frying pan and spatula up and down. Of course, at the cost of getting your hair and clothes oiled up with smoke.

7). The first main course to come is the Bali Trio (RM42), which comes under their Best of the East menu. It is a combination of three of their signatured dishes, namely BBQ wings, Sate lilit & Cumi-cumi goreng, served with sambel matah, sambel terasi & tartar Sauce. They quoted that this is an ideal snack for drinkers, you know what? They were right, if only they served Balinese beers too..

8). Out of the three, Cumi-Cumi Goreng definitely is my favourite of all! The squids are deep fried until they are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, tasted even better dipping with the Tartar sauce. For sure I'll ordered a large plate of this with beers in my hand, on my next visit.

9). The next dish on the platter is the BBQ Wings. The marinated chicken wings and drumsticks are barbequed until the skin turned golden in colour. It tasted very rich in flavours, the meat is really tender and tasted even better when you dipped with the Sambel Terasi. It's finger-licking good!

10). Sate Lilit comes last to complete the platter of trio. Also known as satay in Malay, where several skews of Balinese mixed seafood sate on lemongrass skewer. A very creative eating utensils, I can say, not only as a decorative skew, but you can taste and smell the essence of lemongrass while chewing on the sate. The seafood sate, sounds like Muar's famous Otak-otak, so good that you can even eat it on its own or best served with the Sambel Matah or Sambel Terasi.

11). Another main course to come is the Nasi Campur (RM33). It is also on their Best of the East menu as well, which consists of a combination of Balinese grilled Lemongrass Prawns, Squid, Fish, Beef Rendang & Sate Lilit served with Lawar Kacang (Beans Salad), Rempeyek (Anchovy Crackers), Sambel Terasi & Sambel Matah. With so many ingredients on the plate, I cant help but amazed. This is truly an authentic Balinese grilled dish and the best bang for the buck on the menu.

12). After devouring the two gigantic plates of main course, there isn't any room left in my stomach for dessert, which is the saddest part of all. Never mind that, the next round of dessert tasting will be held at one of their seven restaurants scattered in Klang Valley. The total damage of the bill was RM100.00, after discounted 10% when I presented my Jusco Member Card. No doubt I'll come back for more, especially whenever I am missing Bali or daydreaming about going to Bali again.  

Ole - Ole Bali
Address : LG27, LG Floor, Empire Gallery Shopping Centre,
               Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel. : 03-50222629 Fax : 03-50222118
Business hours : 10am - 11pm

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